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Planar Catastrophe is available now!

Save Za’nar from a spatial disaster while competing to see who can slay the manifesting monsters the fastest! It’s a fast-paced game that gives players control over the cards they draw, putting the focus onto tactical combat!

-Every card has at least 1 Instant Skill–use Instant Skills at any time, even on your opponent’s turn!

-“Runes” provide a unique twist on classic card game “mana” systems, serving as consumable Spells and momentum for dealing damage!

-With just one deck, battle with 2-4 players, or “fight the deck” with the included solitaire / Co-Op rules!

While it’s easy to learn, it’s deep enough to want to master! Follow @Zadck3 on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to stay updated on news about Za’nar: Planar Catastrophe!

Coming soon: Roshamberg!

Welcome to the town of Roshamberg! Roshamberg is a rock-paper-scissors inspired fantasy card game with two ways to play!

Turn-Based Mode is a battle card game with a rock-paper-scissors flair.

Quick-Fire Mode stays closer to a traditional game of rock-paper-scissors, but with special abilities.

One deck is all you need to play with 2-8 players!

Follow @Zadck3 on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to stay updated on news about Roshamberg!